New Year – New Blog

The new year is always a great time for self reflection and change. I have been unhappy with my current blog for sometime so I did some research and made some changes. Although I spend most of my time painting I also create journals, paper and a few other artful things. These endeavors have been spread between two Etsy shops, two websites and my art blog. I was hoping that my blog would pull together all these different interests but blogger lacks these specific capabilities so I migrated my content over to wordpress where I have more control!


This new blog is separated into categories so even though  my creativity is scattered my blog will be organized. I have spent most of this week editing and formatting the site. There is still more to do but I couldn’t wait to share it!

This new blog format will allow me to write about different aspects of my creative life. I am also planning on creating a “dancers corner” where I will answer questions and write about my lifelong obsession.

I am excited about the potential for this blog and hope it will serve as a behind the scenes look at my process for artful creation.



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