Three Reasons To Support Artists and Independent Creatives

Support artists title.jpgIn our busy lives it is often more convenient to go to a department store and buy a $30 print to fill that empty wall instead of seeking out an artist and purchasing an original painting.  When  you take the time to explore your local or online art scene  you will greatly benefit from supporting a local artisan and adorning your home and life with more purposefully made creations. Three big things happen when you support an independent business  or artist.


The first great thing that happens when you buy directly from an artist is  your money goes right back into that independent enterprise. The money I make selling my paintings funds the next work of art and all of the supplies involved. This support allows me to make more paintings that you might want to hang on your walls.

The second great thing is that you will own something of a higher value. The original or handmade version of something is always better. The dedicated time and techniques  of the artist required to create a painting, or table, or vase etc. can always be felt in the original piece. This value is lost in mass produced items and prints. Purchasing directly from the artist also gives you an opportunity  to make a personal connection with the creator. I often have ongoing dialogs with my customers throughout their purchasing process and in the end they will often send me photos of my art in it’s new home!



The third great thing that happens when you support creatives is that you empower artists and creators to continue on their creative journey. It’s hard to make art and put it out into the world for everyone to see. It’s even harder to sell that art. Each painting that I sell provides a little bit of affirmation that one day my art will pay my rent. That empty space on the wall is incentive for me to keep going.

The next time you have the opportunity to support a small business or independent artist remember these benefits. Your support with be greatly appreciated and you will receive a superior experience in return!


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