Bunny Day

Happy Easter, Bunny day, spring time etc. (Religious holidays are confusing when you aren’t religious.) Every year I google Easter to try and better understand the rituals behind this odd celebration. In pagan times it was about Spring, fertility and rebirth. Which is why we paint eggs to display around our homes. Bunnies fit into those ideas as well, although I’m pretty sure the pagan bunnies didn’t lay chocolate eggs. Easter became a christian celebration when Rome decided to make Christianity the required religion of the area. The new roman catholic church created equivalent celebrations for the pagan holidays so … Continue reading Bunny Day

Art in the Family

 It is strange how artistic traits seem to have some sort of genetic predisposition. I have three aunts and a cousin that grew up dancing, two of them became dance teachers and the other two pursued artistic careers and hobbies. My father is also an artist/painter. When he was young he painted regularly and created enough paintings for my Grandma to fill every wall of her house with his art. As a kid I loved to wander through the rooms, carefully examining each painting. When I was growing up my Dad didn’t have much time to paint but there was always a … Continue reading Art in the Family

The End on Inktober

During the month of October I completed 16 mini (4″ by 5″) ink paintings. My original goal was to paint one everyday (following the official rules of #inktober) but I realized by day three that I had underestimated the amount of painting time I have in a week. I am pretty happy with my success!  My main focus was ballet but I painted some random things as well. My personal favorite is the red mushrooms in the forest. I recently bought some white ink and was experimenting with it.  My friend Sebastian (who is responsible for all of the music … Continue reading The End on Inktober

Week One of Inktober

I started of Inktober with the best of intentions of completing one small ink piece every single day. I have not quite been able to keep up and the stress is starting to effect me. My new goal is to complete as many as possible by the 31st. I managed to complete 6 paintings as of Wednesday and although I have 3 in progress I have not completed one since. I have been experimenting with my coloured inks and my brand new white ink, which is a lot of fun!  Thanksgiving weekend means I get 2 days off in a … Continue reading Week One of Inktober

Mini Inks

So I have decided to participate in #Inktober. The idea is that you create an ink drawing/illustration for everyday of October. Someone created it a few years ago as a personal challenge and the past few years it has become an art community event! I am already drowning in projects but I am going to put a few aside for this month and see what happens. I have no particular theme for this series although dance and or Halloween are nice easy ones for me to follow! Each ink painting will be 4″ by 5″ on thick watercolour board and I … Continue reading Mini Inks

Watch out for Quicksand!

 I must confess that I have been neglecting my art this past week. My schedule of teaching ballet 5 days a week is catching up to me and my body aches everyday now. Despite the pain, I love every minute I get to dance and I’m definitely not complaining! This painting is now for sale in my Etsy shop!  Frost was inspired by a portrait in my sketchbook of 64 faces. I used a combination of ink and watercolour and white acrylic paint. It developed slowly and I really enjoyed the process of layering with the colours and ink.  This … Continue reading Watch out for Quicksand!

Art at the Cabin

My Cabin is my favorite place. It is a little log cabin next to a river that my family built over 60 years ago. It serves as a quiet place to escape the city and reconnect with nature. It really is my favorite place to visit. 🙂We spend our mornings at the nearby lake, fishing and hanging out in the sun (taking dance photos) and then my afternoons are free to be lazy and art filled. (Especially on really hot days!) In between feeding Squeeker (the incredibly tame and energetic cabin squirrel) I managed to paint a quick plein air  … Continue reading Art at the Cabin

Portraits ×Two

I love painting portraits, I really do, except for the fact that they are hard and there is always something a little off. I can finish a  portrait and feel satisfied about it until I look at it the next day and see all the little things that are wrong with it. This particular portrait was difficult because there were two subjects and I know one of them very well. (It is harder to draw someone you know because you have a strange concept in your head of what you think they look like vs. what you are actually seeing.)  … Continue reading Portraits ×Two

Pteropod Acidification

Two weeks ago a study was released showing how the acidification of the ocean has begun to effect some of the small ocean creatures. This made me very angry and sad so I made some art to reflect that.  Limacina Helicina is a small sea snail pteropod which measures about half an inch long. These sea snails live in their fragile translucent shell and feed by means of celia and mucous.  Due to carbon pollution these tiny creatures are struggling to build and maintain their glass like shells. Acidification from human pollution and Co2 emissions is dissolving and etching the … Continue reading Pteropod Acidification

The conclusion to a Journey of Repainting

 A month ago I wrote about a very unfortunate accident that occurred somewhere in the depths of the postal system. Two carefully packaged paintings were somehow smashed beyond repair. My customer took photos of the damage and sent them to me so I could start my claim with Canada Post. At first I didn’t hear from anyone regarding my claim which made me really nervous but after a few lengthy phone calls and about two weeks they informed me that my cheque was in the mail and I would receive it in 5-10 business days. Which I did!The difficult part of … Continue reading The conclusion to a Journey of Repainting